Selected Works

Music by: Askjell, iris, AURORA - Sofia

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Becoming a Body, Solo Performance

2019—solo performance at Portland Institute for Contemporary Art featuring impermanent sculpture using light, sound, prose, and movement. A meditative inquiry on the nature of reality this piece speaks to the fracture of the separate self. Questioning the subjective nature of reality this piece offered themes of spirit born through chaos. Each movement was intentionally woven to the prose transitioning through three different stages of light representing atmospheric changes in the natural world (seasons) as well the internal transitions of shadow (deception) and daylight (rebirth).

Communion, Performance
2021—(movement meditation) tells the story of awakening through the eyes of those who came before. This performance dedicated to our SWANA kin. May our resilience spread like fire, held in the care of a thousand suns. ֎ ֎ ֎

full performance here

Remembering, Commissioned Painting
2020—Where do we find meaning? What stories are carried in our blood? What wisdom arrives in our ability to be present? This piece features a meditation on the spiritual practice of ancestral communion. Drawing inspiration from the artist’s Armenian lineage this painting exists as an offering to all those who seek to remember. When you look at this painting, what do you see? When you think of all those who came before you, how does the image change?

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Future of the Browser, Guided Meditation
2021—What wisdom lies in the soil of our skin? How do we connect and when do we feel most alive?
15min short film / guided meditation that explores the potential of the web.

Touching Colors, Sonic Meditation
2020—light and sound composition featuring a meditation on the liminality within the Bardo state. The visual element speaks to the experience of synesthesia and ones the psychic nature that lay hidden in the senses. It is a song, an offering, and a prayer to the liberation of our future selves.

ONRY - Livin’ in the Light, short film

2020—Debuting on BBC. Directed by Hannah Hefner, produced by Future Prairie, starring ONRY. Tiana served as art director & spiritual guide for the duration of this project. Beyond initial creative visioning their roles included, light direction, organic sculpture and original choreography. Currently they are assisting in the making of a short documentary about the artists lived experience as a Black opera singer living in one of the whitest cities in America. You can follow Onry's journey online.

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CHANNEL ONE, community event

2020—This community event was directed and co-produced by Tiana Garoogian alongside Future Prairie and Church of Film. This evening of light and sound featured two hours of new works from local artists woven together in a special evening debuting new works from each artist. In addition to direction Tiana produced the live event lighting during the performances alongside projection mapped visuals directed by Sarah Turner. This experience included several different sensory based environments along the perimeter to invoke a sense of calm and offer an event catered to those prone to sensory overload.

Citrine, play

2019—featured in Fertile Ground’s annual performance fest this play was co-written and directed by Tiana Garoogian + Joni Renee Whitworth. This piece features a 20 minute meditation on queer leisure and pleasure. Set in a futurist orange grove this performance based ritual postulates devotion, poetry, the erotic, and quiet time as central to knowledge of the sacred. All lighting and stage design created by Tiana Garoogian.

Pathways, cross genre community healing workshop series

2017-2020—meditation workshop // self care series called PATHWAYS hosted and curated by Tiana Garoogian. Each event included guest healers (body work, sound healing, acupuncture) and is designed around a central theme of deep restoration and healing within a community setting. Utilizing sound therapy, accupuncture, shibari, guided vizualiation, sensory driven deep listening techniques carefully guiding the participants into an ideal state for mediation.

ILIOS, interactive multi-sensory installation

2018—Ilios is a collaborative experience which is fully realized when three users gather inside a geodesic dome that is completely mirrored on the interior. Inside the dome are three geometric objects that are designed to sense the position of your hand and respond to your interactions with a light and sound projection. The outcome is an infinite reflection of colorful light as well as a musical composition the users create with these instruments, however, these instruments require zero musical ability. They are programmed in such a way in which no combination of interactions will result in anything other than beautiful ambient music. This installation was created by Jonathon Mooney and full realized with the help of Tiana Garoogian.the build out

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[trine], experimental trio

2019—[trine] is an experimental trio made up by Dasha Shleyeva, Tiana Garoogian, and Hillary Murphy. This project is the result of continuous exploration of community healing through experimentation. Using performance and multi-sensory design [trine] implements live soundscapes using field recordings, vocal composition, harp and resonant body frequencies. [trine] creates new and immersive spaces for each piece that provokes the listener to engage in their environment in new and unique ways inviting the audience into an embodied state of listening.