Tiana Garoogian (they/them) is a queer Armenian-American artist, community organizer, and liminal guide. Their multi-sensory approach explores spirituality, consciousness and embodiment rooting in a practice of deep listening. Connecting threads between ancestral communion and queer futurity their work dreams in the space between remembering and imagining.

Their works are supported by Regional Arts & Culture Council, The Ford Family Foundation, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Bodecker Foundation, The Portland Art Museum, the Oregon Arts Commission, and Northwest Film Center.

They have served as artist in residence at Suttle Lodge, The Office of Virtue,  Sou' Wester Lodge, and Oregon State University's Trillium Project.

The ecology of the body.

There is quality to this moment, a story that exists in the presence of your skin. The body is listening, what does it want to say?

Deep Listening

"Reconciliation is a deep practice that we can do with our listening and our mindful speech. To reconcile means to bring peace and happiness to nations, people, and members of our family.... In order to reconcile, you have to possess the art of deep listening." -Thich Nhat Hanh